The future is here
The world has gathered the pace and has become faster than ever before. The digital era changed the way we think and act. It changed our perception of time, our worldview, our ambitions, goals and the essence of success.

With the abundance of opportunities to take, people are willing to get the most of their time by trying to be everywhere and do everything at the very same time. Our accomplishments became solely dependent on our ability to constantly improve the output-input ratio – our productivity.

Sadly, the citizens of the digital world haven’t experienced a breakthrough in their personal productivity the technological advancement was meant to provide them with.

Everybody, everywhere seems to be busy.

— The Economist, 2014

60% of workers feel stressed on three or more days of the week.

— Forbes, 2017

Today, over 35% of people ‘always feel rushed’ in contrast to just 24% in 1965.

— Social Indicators Research, 2013

Productivity. Your success depends on it
Productivity has become not only a buzzword but also the holy grail of a thriving life. People not only want to, they are required to increase the efficiency of their work in order to stay relevant.

However, with the arrival of the rapid technological progress, people appeared to be laggards. Because, our habits haven’t changed that fast. The tools we employed decades ago remained the same. Our approaches to setting goals, planning our days, and executing the tasks remained unadjusted.

The result? The outdated tools that ceased meeting the high standards of the modern reality and the ever-growing divide between physical and digital worlds don’t allow to stay on track and be up to new wins anymore.

Only 11% of professionals globally accomplish all the tasks on their to-do lists.

— The Wall Street Journal, 2012

The undone items lead to stress and insomnia because of the Zeigarnik effect.

— Forbes, 2016

It’s time to redesign the old-fashioned time management and productivity tools

We believe that with the right implementation, the technology is going to make us truly productive and it’s going to keep changing the way we work.

The old-fashioned tools should transform into modern instruments. The old approaches should adapt to new challenges. The obsolete ways of doing things should take a new form. The analog world should get closer to the digital one. The good old habits should serve a purpose.

Evopaper is on the mission to make innovative solutions help society reach its full potential, succeed in the modern competitive environment and become more prosperous than ever.

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