7-Step Guide: How To Make Your Life Simpler

Every once in a while, you might have a feeling that your life proves to be too complex and exhausting because of tons of commitments, obligations, and issues… Although it might seem that such a state is totally inevitable at some stage of your life, the truth is that it happens for a number of reasons, that can be easily avoided.

Your life appears to be not that simple anymore because over the years you have accumulated a decent amount of clutter that does not allow you to streamline the life. The chances are that you are not likely to overcome this without bold actions aimed at decluttering your life. Therefore, take some time to slow down, reflect on your life and do your best to simplify it.

Here are 7 easy steps to help you make your life simpler:

Get Rid Of Stuff. If you haven`t used a thing or worn some clothes for the last year or two, you are not likely to get back to them again. Become ruthless with the things you do not use for a long time. All they do is add even more mess and complexity to your life. Clean out your house at least once a year. Toss unnecessary stuff out and do your best to avoid clutter.

Take Time For All Things. Do not rush your life. Great haste usually makes great waste. Slow down for a while. Take a break. Reflect on ambitions, aspirations and opportunities you have. Prioritize the things and figure out what matters the most for you. Avoid multitasking and learn to focus on one task at a time.

Do Not Compare Yourself With Others. The tendency to compare ourselves to others is inherent in all human beings. However, this habit has no positive effect on your inspiration, productivity and success. Moreover, it harms them. It never leads to anything good, but rather makes you feel stupid and unmotivated.

Avoid Negative People. Negative people always make simple things complex and are never satisfied with anything. They are not going to make your life simpler, but rather provide you with anxiety, worries, and disbelief in yourself. Restrict your contact with those who complain too much and are always pessimistic. And find those who inspire you instead.

Do Not Try To Fix Everything. Sometimes you cannot fix already broken things. The good thing is you do not need to. In most cases, it is not worth the struggle. From broken phone to broken relationships and friendship ties… Everything comes to end at some point. You have to acknowledge this and take it easy if you are not willing to complicate your life. Sometimes, the best decision is to let it go.

Become A ‘No Ninja’. If you earn a reputation of a person that is always ready to undertake each and every new task and help everybody, you risk becoming overloaded with duties. A huge bunch of commitments is the reason why you always lack time, feel exhausted and depressed. You do not have to be everywhere and do everything. Flex you ‘No’ muscle and soon you will realize how life gets simpler because of fewer tasks, worries, and responsibilities.

Think Twice Before Saying Something. Being impulsive is easy. Being reasonable is hard. However, your hasty and thoughtless words often become the reason for regrets and undesired consequences. Before saying something really sharp to people you love or expressing your dissatisfaction and criticizing someone, think twice whether it is not going to lead to misunderstanding, offense or hurt. It is way better to think for a moment before voicing anything, than being sorry for that later.

Declutter your life: make it simple and enjoyable.

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