8 Productivity Hacks To Help You Stay On A Winning Streak

Every once in a while, your projects seem to be so exhaustive and intense that you feel like you are not making any headway and want to quit. You feel like your productivity sucks and you are not an MVP of your team anymore.

Every project is a marathon that requires the huge amount of energy, commitment and patience. To perform at your peak, you have to mix those ingredients and convert them into high productivity. However, the biggest challenge here is to strike a balance between the workload and your capacity for hard work in order, not to burnout.

Overall progress consists of tiny bits of success. Small wins. Moreover, permanence does matter. In order to attain a major win, you must constantly bring home small ones. Day by day. Step by step.

Every time you gather the desired pace, you are unstoppable. You are on a winning streak. But once you miss a day, you have to spend some precious time to get back on track.

Massive wins are all about the high level of productivity, which results from your daily habits and approach to execution of your tasks.

Here are eight easy tips to help you improve your performance and win every single day.

1. Start One Night Before

Before going to bed, dedicate just 15 minutes to consider the tasks you want to get done next day. Think them over for a moment and visualize your approach. Consider the key ideas you are willing to realize next day.

Plant a seed today, which is going to sprout tomorrow.

2. Break Down Huge Tasks

Huge tasks are difficult to commit to. Meanwhile, they are easy to be postponed. It is difficult to stay focused and dedicated if you do not see a finish line. A complexity to estimate an actual progress decreases your motivation.

Break down huge tasks into manageable chunks. Set interim goals and praise yourself for small achievements. It will make you stay motivated and up to new wins.

3. Set A Due Date

Deadline is what makes you stay tuned. Without it, you feel too relaxed and often put the work off too much. Eventually, you end up being caught in a trap of procrastination.

Having set a due date you can schedule your work much more efficiently. Moreover, a little time pressure will be a great advantage for your overall productivity.

4. Eliminate Possible Sources Of Distraction

Messages, calls, social networks, office colleagues, short friendly chats… They are killers of your productivity. High performance is all about attention. As long as you are concentrated and stay into your task, you are able to produce the results of the highest quality. Occasional interruptions steal your attention and decrease the productivity.

Find a place and time where you cannot be disturbed. Put your phone on airline mode. Shut down Facebook page and get down to work.

5. Avoid Multitasking

When you try to do several things at once you automatically decrease your attention span and make yourself less efficient in executing the tasks you have set out to do.

Prioritize the tasks and complete them one by one. Avoid jumping back and forth. One task at a time. That`s the rule.

6. Love What You Do

There is probably no better means to boost your productivity than a pure love towards the project you are involved in. The more you are dedicated to your work, the easier it is to get it done.

Fall in love with your project or leave it. There is no chance you can show great performance unless you genuinely love what you do.

7. Have A Good Rest

You need to rest well to keep up the momentum.

Overworking has nothing to do with productivity. Additional few hours of work will not convert into valuable results, but rather will make you exhausted and ruin the entire next day. Do not stay up late and go to bed on time to have a good healthy sleep for 7–9 hours.

8. Keep A Journal

You cannot keep everything in mind. The good news is that you do not need to. Write everything down. Literally everything: your ideas, thoughts, meeting notes, details to pay attention to, your mistakes, tips, ways of improvement and the like.

This simple habit is vital. It will help you improve your productivity and always stay up to date.

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