How To Solve The Eternal “Digital Calendar vs. Paper Planner” Dilemma

Nowadays, many of us are so busy that making schedules and plans is the only way we can manage to make it through the week. In today’s ever-fast world, the average person needs to deal with responsibilities related to work, school, and family and even reserve enough time for relaxation and fun.

With such an overwhelming amount of things to manage every day, it’s crucial to keep track of things to do. The first thing that comes to mind is the classic to-do lists. However, multiple kinds of research showed that task lists lack the basic elements of time management and are not going to improve your productivity within the day.

Much more efficient tools for planning your time on daily and weekly basis might be the planners, digital or paper. However, the choice might not be obvious because due to the technological advancement over the last few decades, the gap between paper and digital worlds has widened significantly.

The “paper vs digital” dilemma has become huge. People still argue what approach to planning is the best and which one provides more opportunities to stay organized.

Nevertheless, it depends on your personal goals and pace of life what tools you feel comfortable to use.

Here’s what to consider while choosing between paper and digital planners:

Why You Need a Digital Calendar

Digital calendars and similar productivity apps are all the rage nowadays. No doubt, the popularity of digital calendars is partly attributable to the rise of the mobile device, particularly the smartphone and the tablet. However, the popularity of the digital calendar is also well-warranted due to its many merits.

The main attribute that makes the digital calendar so powerful is the fact that it is always with you. Nowadays, many people carry their laptop and mobile device on them at all times. Not only that, but the digital calendar is equipped with many useful features like the alarm and invites.

The most popular digital calendars (Google calendar, Apple, Outlook) offer users a seemingly endless amount of space which to experiment and work with. Most digital calendars allow users to schedule tasks efficiently, by specifying the start time, end time, and location of an event. Other details that can be jotted down include the names of the individuals involved and their contact information. With a digital calendar, a user can write down every relevant detail in an organized, easy-to-read manner to make sure he doesn’t miss anything.

Users can use the digital calendar to set reminders that will appear on the desktop, mobile devices, and email inboxes and notify about the upcoming events. It is possible to integrate digital calendars with other apps for even more functionality. There are so many options available for users when it comes to digital calendars that you will have no trouble finding the solution that fits your needs and lifestyle best.

Why You Need a Paper Planner

In spite of the popularity of the digital calendar, many people choose to stick with the traditional paper planner, and for good reason – a person who aspires to get a little order in his or her life knows well the advantages paper planner has.

Many people prefer to use paper planners due to the countless benefits of the physical act of writing down an appointment or reminder. These people are convinced that using a pen to jot in a notepad helps them remember their appointments, reminders, and items on their to-do list easily. Some people believe that while writing things down, they perceive, process and digest the information better.

In fact, it does make sense. The process of writing helps prioritize the important things better and indeed organize them in the most convenient way both in your mind and on a paper.

Everyone thinks and lives differently, which is why some people prefer to take notes to help them regain control of their life. The paper planner offers individuals the opportunity to create a system that works best for them. Again, this relates to how many people believe that longhand feels more creative and individual.

If you like the feel of pen on paper, you’d rather look for a comfortable and compact notebook, you’d love carrying around and occasionally writing something down in.

Ultimately…Why You Should Use Both

When it comes to the digital calendar vs. paper planner debate, there is no obvious winner. The choice you make should depend on your lifestyle and your unique needs. If you’re still having a hard time choosing, you may want to consider using both. That way, you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds and achieve an unsurpassed level of organization and productivity in your life.

The recent trend shows the that the digital planner and paper planner are both excellent tools for individuals who want to get their life on track. More and more people find it efficient to use Google calendar or Apple Calendar (depending on the device they have) since it is convenient to have the schedule always with you, on your digital device. Meanwhile, they also like writing things down in their notebooks, because it allows to make important things stick in mind.

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