3 Easy Challenges To Help You Expand Your Comfort Zone Fast

Multiple articles and books have taught us that the discomfort zone is the only place where you can accelerate your personal growth and acquire valuable skills you couldn’t get otherwise.

Meanwhile, the area of ease and convenience is where one can only stagnate and make no headway towards the desired aspirations.

No one is likely to argue this judgment. However, when it comes to expanding the comfort zone, people struggle to commit to certain actions or even don’t know what to start with.

Here are three easy challenges you should accept right now to start growing your comfort zone:

  1. Brush the teeth with your left hand. And with your right hand if you are a left-handed person. At the beginning, a few hundreds of your moves will seem strange and unaccustomed. The efficiency will be low and you will struggle to do it well. However, with time you will master this and realize that there is nothing bad in your discomfort zone. Moreover, all the discomfort is temporary. The same holds for each and every new skill. At the beginning, you suck at doing something new and unfamiliar. With time you start doing it better and finally the things that seemed strange earlier become a part of your comfort zone.
  2. Ask for a discount at Starbucks. Next time you visit any fast food restaurant or coffee shop, simply ask for a discount when it is time to pay. No doubt, your request will be rejected and you won’t get any discount. It will be an awkward situation and you are likely to feel ashamed for asking stupid questions. Nonetheless, it will teach you that awkward situations are OK. No one will punish you. No one will remember this for long. You will realize that the life beyond your area of ease and convenience is not that terrifying. Meanwhile, you will learn how to step over your ego and do the things that are far beyond your comfort zone.
  3. Have a difficult conversation face to face instead of email/text/phone. If you have the unresolved conflict or just need to discuss a significant issue, arrange a meeting this time instead of committing to the next email/text/phone conversation. It will be difficult to talk. You will struggle to keep an eye contact. You will worry a lot and hesitate to voice important words. Nonetheless, at the end of the conversation, you will experience a great relief and realize that it was much easier than you had imagined.

Overall, these three easy challenges will show you that:

  • the discomfort you experience while leaving your comfort zone is temporary and is not going to last forever;
  • you should not be afraid of the life beyond your comfort zone. It is not that frightening;
  • awkward situations are fine. No one is going to remember them for long;
  • the practice of expanding your comfort zone is sometimes difficult and beneficial at the same time;
  • there is nothing new in your comfort zone. All the opportunities for growth are beyond it.

And this is basically all you need to know when it comes to trying something new and trying something that scares you.

Stay in the constant discovery mode. Take risks and accept exciting challenges. Expand your comfort zone.

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