Slice Planner makes your schedule look intuitive so you can manage your time and get things done easily
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The best daily planner for 2018

according to 28,917 happy customers and major US outlets

Slice Planner hardcover notebook

Your everyday carry compact and practical A5 undated planner. Made of premium Swedish paper and Italian bookcloth.
$34.00 $25.00
+ free iOS & Android app

Details that makes a difference

Every slice planner page made with your productivity in mind
2017/2018 calendar
monthly spread
daily spread
224 pages
5.5"x8" (14x21cm)
90 gsm cream paper
dot grid pages

It makes time management simple

Slice Planner brings all your plans from different calendars together, making it easy to follow your schedule without a need to switch between different applications.
“Slice Planner was the answer to my too busy life filled with due dates. Being productive became much easier when started using this essential tool every day.”
Martin, CA, United States

It requires no compromises

No need to choose between paper-based planner and digital calendars. Slice Planner gets all your events synced and notifies you about the overlaps in your schedule to make sure you’re not double-booked.
“The fantastic thing about Slice Planner is the ability to stay synced across all your devices, including paper planner”
Caroline, Munich, Germany

It helps you get a visual display of your entire day, all at one glance

A clock face diagram helps you keep track of your time and plan activities in an intuitive way.
“Slice Planner helps me organize what's really important and plan my tasks and events in very structured way.”
Diana, NJ, United States

It prevents you from overworking and over-scheduling yourself.

The Slice Planner is designed to promote the right productivity habits and help you become less busy and more productive at work and life.
“Thanks to Slice Planner App I see a clear increase in my productivity and work, which allows me more intentional time at home”.
Lance, Toronto, Canada
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It will make you look and feel like a total boss

Designed for people who need to manage busy lives yet want the best of both digital and paper planning tools

The perfect product for anyone looking to infuse technology into their daily journaling routine

Powered by augmented reality, this system will automatically transfer your schedule to your online calendar

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